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French On-line Grinds for Exam Students

Let’s face it.

Uninspiring lessons can make the studying of any subject boring.

At Frenchtutor.ie, our creative teaching ensures that our student’s interaction with the language is interesting and enjoyable and promotes the student’s own personal satisfaction in terms of his or her progress in French.

Who said exam preparation had to be grim?!

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Frenchtutor.ie Offers You

  • exam-focused classes through our free cloud-based platform and Zoom.
  • strategies to improve your skills across all elements of the language.
  • innovative Apps for Vocabulary and Oral recall, testing and tracking
  • pre-recorded lessons uploaded to cloud platform, so you can review them again and again
  • teacher support outside of class time for any queries
  • Our Blog with links to an on-line dictionary, featuring posts that mirror the Q 1. journalistic Reading Comprehension

Why choose Frenchtutor.ie?

  • A Calm Focused Virtual Learning Environment With Similarly Motivated Students
  • swift turnaround and comprehensive feedback on on-line corrections of assignments through our cloud-based virtual classroom
  • interactive thematic vocabulary lists through one of the world’s leading learning Apps
  • oral testing, recording and grading App, with teacher feedback, allowing testing of students in real time
  • concise, exam-focused notes
  • no superfluous material
  • focus on material that is essential for you to achieve your best grade
  • techniques that work and exam strategies for getting the best marks
  • teaching through French and English, to allow you to hear as much of the target language as possible, while ensuring that nobody is lost in the process