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6th Year:

French On-line classes

Term 1:

Classes will take place every Wednesday starting from the 9th of September from 5pm-6.30pm for 7 weeks.

It is very strongly recommended that you attend all classes to ensure continuity in your progress


Date Date
7th October  5pm-6.30pm
 16th September     5pm-6.30pm  14th October       5pm-6.30pm
23rd September  5pm-6.30pm 21st October      5pm-6.30pm
30th September   5pm-6.30pm 28th October     5pm-6.30pm

Cost of Classes:

Classes cost € 25 each or book all 7 classes in advance for €135 ( 20% discount)


What to expect

You will set personal goals at the beginning of the term, identifying ( with your teacher) areas where you want to see improvement.

You will discuss with your teacher where and how to concentrate your efforts in order to achieve these goals.

Content delivered in a structured thematic approach incorporating all elements of the language

  • Oral 
  • Written Production: Opinion/ Reaction, Diary Entry, Email, Récit 
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Reading Comprehension

Lots of writing practice – you will be given templates and samples for all Written production

You will practise methodologies for locating and identifying answers in Listening comprehensions

You will practise identifying synonyms ( verbs, nouns) and similar expressions which will allow you to find answers in the Reading comprehensions

You will use our oral testing App and submit answers to questions on the various themes you have covered in real time.These will be graded by your teacher and you will also get audio feedback. You will have access to your recordings and feedback at all times, so that you can monitor and track progress.

You will sign up to our free-to-you Cloud platform and all notes will be made available to you via this platform

You will have a personal planner section in this platform to track material covered and to plan forwards

You will submit all written assignments through this platform. They will be corrected and annotated by your teacher and an audio feedback file will be given for each assignment

You will sign up to our free-to-you Vocabulary App and will be given weekly vocabulary themes for self-testing and / or testing by your teacher